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Public Agenda

Case Study



Public Agenda amplifies the voices of Americans and helps communities discover and build on common ground.

A Democracy for All

We worked with Public Agenda on their branded marketing materials. They were designed to engage with all Americans and highlight equality in healthcare, education, and democracy. Their highly researched reports included findings, charts, and studies. Our focus was to demonstrate the research in a visual design with imagery and charts that engage with the reader. Public Agenda provides research, education, and partners with organizations.

Client Partnership: 4 years

Services included:

  • Brochures
  • Reports
  • Charts
  • Social Ads
  • Trade show posters
  • Socials Ads
Case Study Summary:
Enhancing Public Agenda’s Brand Materials

  • Focus: Marketing material development.
  • Key Features: Branded responsive website,  user engagement, and lead generation.
  • Goals: Educating about Public Agenda’s research
  • Platforms: Marketing channels
  • Audience: Individuals and organizations