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LeftCoast Healthcare Advisors

Case Study



LeftCoast Healthcare Advisors, an ambulatory healthcare consulting and advisory firm with experienced leaders who possess the knowledge and expertise to help your organization thrive.

Experienced Healthcare Leaders

We worked with LeftCoast Healthcare Advisors on their branding, website, and marketing materials. The website was designed to engage with healthcare professionals and highlight their valuable services. Our focus was to demonstrate LeftCoast’s experience, provide education, and create engagement with organizations.

Client Partnership: 3-month project with ongoing updates

Services included:

  • Branding & Logo Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • Marketing Materials

Case Study Summary:

Enhancing LCHA’s Online Presence
  • Focus: Branding, website design, and marketing material development.
  • Key Features: Branded responsive website,  user engagement, and lead generation.
  • Goals: Educating about LCHA’s services & experience; encouraging interaction with potential clients.
  • Platforms: Website, branding, and marketing channels
  • Audience: Healthcare Organizations